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For the same cost as eating out at a diner once a year, you get digitally our entire back catalog plus everything we release during the length your subscription.

Not only is that a fantastic value for you, but your financial support is critical in enabling us to continue making music, travel and play outside of our tiny island, and occasionally eat some food ourselves.

Not only do you get our most recent album--the critically acclaimed Cupid Makes a Fool of Me--and the fantastic Lost in the Dark mini-EP, you also get exclusive back catalog albums that are otherwise long-ago sold out and not available anywhere else. For example, you get the legendary Birds Carried Your Song Through the Night EP, which was never before available digitally, and Ghosts--a collection of demos that was only available for a few months around our 2011 tour to SXSW, and The Dionysian Season--our debut bedroom-recorded full-length, which was only released in Iceland in an edition of 300 copies and which earned us a nomination for Best Newcomer in the Icelandic Music Awards.

Not only that! You will also get fresh new material that we will record exclusively for our subscribers.

Making music is what I do full-time. It's a tremendous amount of work. I make a lot of totally insane sacrifices in order to do this. But it's is my calling. Your subscription helps make it sustainable.

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    • Cupid Makes a Fool of Me cover art
      Cupid Makes a Fool of Me
    • Lost in the Dark cover art
      Lost in the Dark
    • Birds Carried Your Song Through the Night REMIXES cover art
      subscriber exclusive Birds Carried Your Song Through the Night REMIXES
    • Birds Carried Your Song Through the Night EP (with bonus tracks) cover art
      subscriber exclusive Birds Carried Your Song Through the Night EP (with bonus tracks)
    • I'll Never Let You Go, My Dear (single) cover art
      subscriber exclusive I'll Never Let You Go, My Dear (single)
    • I Know She Does (single) cover art
      subscriber exclusive I Know She Does (single)
    • Ghosts cover art
      subscriber exclusive Ghosts
    • The Dionysian Season cover art
      subscriber exclusive The Dionysian Season
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Just Another Snake Cult
Reykjavík, Iceland
We are a duo based out of Reykjavík, Iceland. We play and record lo-fi, experimental, psych pop type stuff.

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